Our way of working


Our way of working

With twenty years of experience producing premium halal products you can place your confidence in Humza’s signature quality.

Our frozen foods range has evolved and developed in response to changing food trends, listening to our customers and upgrading manufacturing techniques to achieve a genuine ‘home-made’ look, feel and taste.

We benchmark our products against the competition with one simple aim: to make ours the best they can be. New Product Development is also a key part of our business as we evolve to meet the changing needs of the UK’s Muslim community.

We strive to offer authentic and certified halal food that’s not only tasty but healthy too

  • Once we’re happy with our products we assess the feasibility to scale up into mass production whilst ensuring the quality and integrity of the product is maintained. This ensures only the highest quality food reaches your table.

  • We source our all natural, authentic ingredients, herbs and spices from long-standing, reliable suppliers and work closely with them to ensure each and every product is delivered to our exacting standards.

  • Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We also offer a bespoke recipe development service where we oversee everything from the initial stages of NPD through to sourcing, costing, manufacturing and final delivery.

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Quality Assured

As we have already shared, all the meat and poultry used in Humza products is sourced from HMC (Halal Monitoring Committee) approved UK slaughter houses. We are committed to continually improve our standards in our end products by strictly controlling and supervising the various stages of production and the ingredients used in the processing of our products.

As well as using guaranteed and certified Halal meat and poultry, we source our other key ingredients from across Asia to bring the finest quality, flavour and authentic taste to the table. The high tech equipment used in our food processing plants and production processes meet strict hygiene standards across the various stages of preparation.

The quality control begins at the sourcing of our basic ingredients and is maintained throughout the production, transportation and storage process, ensuring that we bring great quality tasting halal products to your table.