Your Queries Answered
Are Humza products halal-accredited?
How can you ensure the products are Halal?
Are Humza products hand slaughtered by a Muslim?
Are non-meat ingredients used by Humza also halal?
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Are Humza products available outside the UK?
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Do your products contain nuts?
Do Humza products contain gluten?
What does IQF mean?
Please describe Paratha?
What’s the difference between Humza Original Paratha and Humza Whole Wheat Chapati?
Do any of Humza’s products need to be defrosted prior to cooking?
How do I cook my Humza products?
Where do I keep my Humza products at home?
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I want to stock Humza products in my retail store and sell; please help me?
I have got a great product idea, how do I connect?
How about career opportunities with Humza?
How may I get in touch with Humza?
I have a great recipe to share, where do I submit?