Chicken Charcoal Sheesh Kebabs

Succulent and fleshy chunks of chicken, enhanced with a unique spice blend, shaped into tender kebabs on skewers and cooked over hot charcoals.

  • Nutritional Value/100g
    • Energy - 832kj & 199 kcal
    • Fat - 10.4g
    • of which saturates - 2.3g
    • Carbohydrate - 9.9g
    • of which sugars - 0.9g
    • Protein - 16.9g
    • Salt - 1.6g
  • Ingredients
  • Preparation & Storage

Recipe : Chicken Kebabs with Herbed Smashed Cucumbers

Kebabs go down very well as a side dish, but what if you could make them more interesting? Serve them alongside a cucumber salad and voila! You have a winner dish on your hands! The cucumbers in this salad are smashed, yes smashed, not cut into pieces! This is done to enable them to absorb the juices and other flavours more intensely, and so they...

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