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Humza Halal provides a vast range of frozen, chilled, and fresh foods, whilst combining the deliciousness of home-cooked meals with the convenience of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products. For those who lead a busy life, let Humza help with your meals to satisfy your hunger in minutes.

Our HMB (Halal Monitoring Board) certified products include samosas, spring rolls, kebabs, parathas, burgers, sausages and in frozen, vegetables popular in halal cooking. Humza’s extensive product range offers a variety of meal solutions from the snack-y nibbles, finger foods, starters to satisfying main course meals. Our authentic Asian range of convenience food not only retains the nutritional value but also keeps the taste authentic.

Our Products

The trust of Halal

Humza Foods is proud to be certified halal by the Halal Monitoring Board (HMB). This demonstrates that our meat is compliant with halal guidelines. We guarantee that the abattoirs we work with, follow the appropriate butchering methods. This is ensured with regular audits of the premises. All shipments received, must have a stamp of approval from the HMB.